Jon Kaplan has been a trusted confidant and business consultant for a wide array of businesses including, C-level executives, managing partners and shareholders, founders and directors of high-profile companies and group leaders. He promotes honest collaboration through the EOS processes and strategic approach that boasts greater profitability and increased revenue.

We have a passion for helping organizations gain clarity of their vision and reaching their full potential. We help business leaders and entrepreneurs implement efficiencies, manage teams, maintain organizational control and, as a result, increase profits.

Vision Traction

Through a tried and tested methodology, we implement the EOS system in your organization with a focus on your core values, data, process, people, issues and traction. By focusing on identifying the core issues and their root causes, we create a customized strategic plan for each organization we partner with.

The EOS Model™ Process

At Kaplan Consulting, we use the EOS Process and by using foundational tools and processes to help organizations clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. We have helped a wide array of businesses to laser focus on their goals while making continual progress in achieving their vision.

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