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Over 3 Decades of Experience in Business Consultation

Jon Kaplan is a trusted confidant and business consultant for a wide array of businesses including, C-level executives, managing partners and shareholders, founders and directors of high profile companies and group leaders. He promotes honest collaboration through the GOS processes and strategic approach that boasts greater profitability and increased revenue.

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The First Class GOS Implementation Partner

The GOS process offers a proven way to put together all the pieces OF YOUR BUSINESS and incorporate the right order to ensure the strengthening of each core business component.

The Proven GOS Model™

This focus will allow REAL CHANGE!

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Jon Kaplan is a corporate consultant, a business owner, entrepreneur and a family man. He provides C-Level operational and financial assistance as well as GOS implementation consultation to various businesses and firms across the US. His successes include growing the Stone Works company to four locations and increasing the sales from 1M to 50M, independently supporting fabricator businesses in organizational, operational and financial processes, and developing the benchmark reporting. In addition, Jon is the founder of the Rockheads Group, a best practices organization.


What Clients Are Saying

Bill Heuer
Co-Founder – TCF Midwest
"As a business owner, we are always looking for ways to improve our overall operation and increase our bottom line.  Working with Jon and the Kaplan Consulting team, we were able to achieve these goals in a tangible way and make a significant positive impact to our business.  I would highly recommend other business owners to sit down with Jon and see what Kaplan Consulting can do to help their business."
Duan Coqui
Owner – Stone World TN Inc.
"Jon has been instrumental in coaching us through the growth Stone World experienced in 2019. He helped us implement EOS into our organization. This engaged all our employees in structured meetings and gave them a voice that was heard. Jon also helped us fully implement our Stone Profit system. Without Jon's help we would have never realized the power of Stone Profits. Jon's financial background gave us access to benchmarking data for our industry which we used to measure Stone Worlds performance against other similar sized companies. We used this data to make improvements in our company. I can highly recommend Jon to any company. He is not just another consultant he actually managed a group of companies and has hands on experience."
Joe Alva
CEO – Poseidon Industries, Inc,
"Kaplan Consulting has made a huge difference for us on the way that we organize, our teams, processes, departments, enabling us to grow faster while become scalable, and maximizing efficiency!"
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